Javier participated in the “Dia de la Ciencia” with the Mexican General Consulate in San Francisco

Javier hosted the forum “Carreras en Ciencia” organized by Science at Cal and the Mexican General Consulate in San Francisco. For the event, six young Latino scientists shared their experiences from their childhood curiosity to becoming scientists.

The event was accompanied by a Q&A section in which the scientists interacted with the public. To see a recording of this event go to:

The Navarro’s lab participated in the 2020 DOE-Genomic Sciences Meeting

Javier Navarro participated in the DOE-Genomic Sciences meeting held in Washington, DC on February 2020. During this meeting, Javier presented his collaborative work with the Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory, and UC Berkeley on the study of soil multitrophic responses to drought.

The Navarro’s lab is participating at the LMU-CAS Lilliputian Workshop in Germany

The complexity of a microbiome is daunting. A human’s gut microbiome may have over 1,000 individual species of bacteria that co-exist stably over years or possibly over generations. We lack an understanding of the forces that contribute to this surprising stability.

On December 5th, Javier Ceja-Navarro will talk about – “Lilliputian Landscapes and Microbial Function: Examples from the Gut of Beetles”